Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Data collected from Blank Wholesale web site and any other source of marketing are used for internal purposes only.

Business Customers
For Business resale customers we need current year Tax exempt certificate (Popularly called as Resale tax certificate) please remember that we will ONLY sell or ship to businesses with who has above Certificate  (DR-13)  MUST fax to us at 305-767-1083 or email: prior to any orders being shipped. Otherwise all sales will be subject to charge 7% sales tax.

All C.O.D. orders must be paid for at time of shipping either by a Cashier Check, Money Orders and company check (Please note that C.O.D. company checks are subject to required prior authorization) Please CALL to our finance dept. for further information.

Credit Cards
We accept all major cards such as Visa, Master, Discover and American Express.

Web Site Disclosure:
We are not responsible for and kind of transaction which is based on fraud and misleading from customer or purchase side.

Business hours are Mon thru Sat, 9am to 5pm EST.

Faxed Orders

Orders may be faxed to us 24 hours a day at 305-767-1083. You will receive a phone call for the confirmation of order before it ship. Please insure that a contact phone number is been provided.

All Price are subject to change without prior notice Unless otherwise noted, products sold  at FOUR price levels, Pallet, Box, Dozen and Piece Price

Case Price
Whatever portion of an order that is shipped in solid case packing will qualify for case pricing. (Partial cases will be billed at Dozen and Piece price will be applicable)

Dozen Price
Dozen pricing is applicable when a product is ordered by dozens per size per color of each category of particular product WITH MIN of 4 dozens.

Returns Policy
No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization with receipt. Please inspect your merchandise before use, print or Embroid. We CANNOT accept returns on decorated or washed garments under ANY circumstances. Defective merchandise must have a tape placed over the flaw before returning. Returns due to customer error will be subject to a 20% restocking fee with a minimum fee of $5.00. The shipping charge will NOT be refunded. Please making sure price point, quantity of product and important detail about your purchase before order.


All claims of any shortages, damages, etc., must be submitted within 72 hours of your purchase. No goods will be accepted after two weeks from date of purchase under any circumstances. Order ship to third party other than the buyer, it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify accuracy of style, color, size and quantity with the consignee prior to decorating. At Blank Wholesale, we will not be responsible for any discrepancies of any order received by third party other than the invoiced or ordered customer. Mis-match or wrong items must be reported within three business days of receiving the goods.

Orders placed before 3pm EST
Will ship within 3 working days except any holidays, Blank Wholesale reserved the right to honor or reject any order under any circumstances.

Valued Our Customers
we know that when it comes to purchased decision you have several other options price, quality and services, but you preferred us which is greatly appreciated and thank you for chosen Blank Wholesale who continue hard work to see your business progress along with quality and value products. We really valued our customers.

We strive to be the most progressive one stop shopping experience in the United States, and we extend that ambition to our web site as online store.